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공지사항 목록

제목 2017 Mid-Autumn festival
작성일 2017-09-20 13:34:02 조회수 575


Hello, This is LUTHIONE CO.,LTD
Thank you very much for care and love us,
We will continue to work hard to show better products in the remaining period of 2017

Due to the Mid-Autumn Festival,the order which be confirmed by noon
of 9/28 will be delivered normally, the order after 1:00pm of 9/28 will be delivered
on 10/10 in turn, please reference the schedule of delivery time.

Also, the hotline and Q&A will available on 3:00pm of 9/29, there will
be no response until 10/9, Customers can contact to the Customer Center on 10/10.

Wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn festival

Thank you^^